• discovery and use of the individual’s and company’s energy potential
  • break through social and emotional barriers
  • achieve the atmosphere of team play and unity through rhythm
  • interaction on highest level

What is the Original Rhythm Team?

Original Rhythm Team is a corporate project focused on team building and team development, communication, cooperation, timing, and leadership. It uses the so-called corporate drumming and the drum circle method, in which all the participants actively play a drum or another rhythmic instrument.

According to the anthropological research, drum is the oldest means of communication and collective drumming is the oldest form of team communication. Rhythm is a universal language that can transcend differences between people - nationality, gender, age, race, professional or social differences. It is a nonverbal, primary means of communication, which unravels old stereotypes in the communication of a given team.

Corporate drumming is currently the most progressive method of team building and team development. In 2007, 60% out of 400 world’s largest companies used these techniques to develop their teams (source: FORBES). And this number is constantly increasing… Original Rhythm Team is the first one to bring this modern trend to Central and Eastern Europe!
In the USA, drum circle techniques have pushed away the formerly popular rope techniques. Why? Because rope techniques, even if they are done excellently, will always be artificial model situations. Corporate drumming comes from atavism, real situations in the team communication that have functioned for thousands of years in all cultures around the world.
If you did not die while reading these lines, you still have your heart rhythm… and so you are ready to interact with us!

Enter the world of Original Rhythm Team and find the rhythm of your company!


Original Rhythm Team je projekt INNER WINNER INŠTITÚTU a DRUMBLA s.r.o. – – všetky práva vyhradené | 2012

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