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come to Olga Šípková’s studio to Metropole Zličín for regular studio lessons

regular dates, every even week on Thursdays from 8 p.m., we drum in candlelight...

next dates until the end of the year:

September 17th, October 1st, October 15th, October 29th, November 12th, November 26th, December 10th 2009

Book today your lesson at the reception of Olga Šípková’s Family Fitness: 226 082 486.

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Drumming for health, psychohygiene, stress reduction.

Drum Fit! is a project of the so-called wellness or health drumming. It is an offshoot of corporate drumming, which in Central and Eastern Europe is represented by the Original Rhythm Team project. The effects of health drumming are proven by many neurological researches. The main benefits include the synchronization of the right and left brain hemispheres, the immune system reinforcement, the release of endorphins, and the relaxation of accumulated tension. Wellness drumming furthers the effective muscle strengthening and the unique connection of physical and brain training. Drum Fit! is an ideal prevention of the burnout syndrome of mental workers and superb tool of psychohygiene.

Burnout syndrome is one of the biggest bogeymen of all mental workers (managers, teachers, doctors, civil servants, etc.) Try out the parallel of rhythms with mental cleansing during the DRUM FIT! lesson!

Rhythm is a remedy, read this interesting study:

Across the centuries it is a known fact for drummers that they feel good when they play the drum. However, the world renowned neurologist Dr. Barry Bittman published the first scientific study of its kind on the effects of drumming, the drum circle method, which significantly strengthens the immune system.

In a recent interview in which he described the results of his study, Dr. Bittman said:

“Our aim was to determine whether a relation existed between the frequently-mentioned stress elimination in group drumming. We therefore brought together several experimental groups where individuals created rhythm using the drum circle method – when all the participants play a drum or another rhythmic instrument."

The aim of Dr. Bittman’s study was the research of the influence of group drumming on cells and their support to the immune system of one’s organism. “The cells we focused on are called the NK cells, otherwise called the natural killer cells. Simply put, these are the cells that survive the longest in an organism and are able to destroy cancer cells or cells attacked by virus.”

The research participants were fundamentally people who do not play drums and this was their first experience. Dr. Bittman tried out various combinations of group drumming from simply listening to drumming without playing, through drumming led by an experienced professional where all the participants played the drums approximately 20% until 50% of the time, until pure intuitive drumming under the guidance of a shaman with full participation in playing.

The level of stress hormones and the NK cells (the killers) was measured to all the participants before and after group drumming and after each experiment. It was a frustrating finding for Dr. Bittman and his colleagues that the early results were almost identical – after any interaction with drumming the level of stress hormones decreased, whereas the activity of the NK cells (representing the immune system) remained constant. Nevertheless, when the experimental groups reached the 80% level of interaction – that is the act of one’s drumming - the activity of the NK cells increased significantly towards the defense of the immune system. Dr. Bittman’s team repeated this experiment many times on many different groups, always with people who normally do not play drums – and always with the same results! As soon as the level of one’s own playing reached 80% of the monitored time, the level of NK cells increased rapidly. Dr. Bittman is fascinated by this finding and currently there are further experiments with drumming.”

Discover the curative effect of collective drumming! In addition to managerial events, Original Rhythm Team provides specialized drum circle lessons in the renowned wellness studios for the general public.

What are the benefits of DRUM FIT?

  • stress release, the relaxation of tension in the whole body
  • synchronization of the right and left part of your body, which contribute to the beneficial feeling
  • involvement of the right and left brain hemispheres at the same time – energizing your brain capacity!
  • production of healing substances in your body (endorphin release – happiness hormones, increased activity of the NK cells) that contribute to your physical and mental well-being.

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