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Corporate drumming

Corporate drumming is interactive drumming, which creates a common rhythm on your corporate event. Each participant will get a drum or another percussion instrument and together on stage led by professionals they will create a stunning rhythm…

Imagine hundreds of your colleagues together creating the rhythm of your company! The power of the collective playing is not only a great fun, but it can also literally “kick” your company to greater efficiency and better results. You will experience shivers all over your body when you hear the power of the collective rhythm…

Why is corporate drumming used at conferences? The level of consciousness (attention) of the participants at a conference is usually relatively different – many participants are weary of a quiet atmosphere, some are tired after a coffee break … By corporate drumming – common interaction you will get all the participants within 10 minutes on the same level of consciousness! Their mental state can be classified as alert and receptive. Information after the collective drumming is easily communicated to the audience and it is also better transferred into the sub-consciousness… This is the reason why corporate drumming is used at conferences all over the world.

Original Rhythm Team operates interactive events on your conferences, kick off meetings or parties up to 2000 participants! The time of a common interaction ranges from 30 to 60 minutes and we can plan with you literally everywhere (including open space). Besides the Czech Republic, our action radius includes the whole region of Central and Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Russia, and others).

In addition to African drums we use the tuned percussion tubes, the so-called boom whackers. These are colored plastic tubes and each color represents a tone. All tubes constitute a complete scale. Each participant of an interaction receives one boom whacker and together we can play for example Beethoven with 1000 persons without any musical background!

Each participant represents one tone, and even if it is perfectly tuned, alone it is just a tone – and will never play a melody. Only by team play with other colleagues – different tones – a beautiful melody, harmony, and success will be created.

The mission of corporate drumming has clear parallels to corporate values. Everyone has to find a common rhythm, perfect timing, common harmony… We will work out a corporate drumming scenario for you based on your corporate values.

Contact our action team when you are planning your conference, kick off meeting, or corporate event. We are ready to drum with you!

korporatní bubnovaní
korporatní bubnovaní
korporatní bubnovaní
korporatní bubnovaní
korporatní bubnovaní
korporatní bubnovaní

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